For Bell & Gossett, Armstrong, and Taco circulators and In-Line Pumps.

The Spiralink™ is a permanent replacement for the failure prone OEM coupling.

Spiralink™ is a Canadian made product and a family business since 1985.

Cut-away showing the Spiralink as it sits inside a B&G motor

Replace the flimsy, 4- spring, OEM ‘fly away’ coupling with a SpiralinkTM today. Leave your customers feeling satisfied in knowing they won’t be left in the cold this heating season!

Spiralink™’s innovative, one piece design has no connecting parts to produce friction that causes noise, wear, and early failure of old-style couplings. Set it and forget it!


Three Spiralink sizes cover the whole range of B&G pumps up to 1HP at 1750RPM. (Up to 2HP at 3450 RPM)
A fourth model replaces the Woods coupling in Taco series 121-138.


1/2” x 1/2” Shafts


1/2” x 1/2” or 1/2” x 5/8” Shafts


1/2” x 5/8” or 5/8” x 5/8” Shafts

10045 Taco

1/2” x 1/2” or 1/2” x 5/8” or 5/8” x 5/8” Shafts


Superior Design


Spiralink™’s single spring acts as a torsion spring with 3-dimensional flexibility that compensates for a greater degree of shaft misalignment. It protects bearing assemblies from damage by broken couplings, and its flex reduces the torque load on bearings and seals.

Simple Installation


The compact shape makes it far easier to install, especially in awkward locations. Once secured to motor shaft, Spiralink™ slips readily onto the pump shaft; no need for ‘third hand’ to achieve alignment.



Three Spiralink™ coupler models replace 15 OEM parts, including nine Bell & Gossett and six Armstrong. View the OEM to Spiralink™ product cross reference chart.

Cost Efficient


A single retrofit eliminates future coupling replacement, extends pump life, reduces labor hours and down-time, and reduces coupler inventory by up to 70%.

Warrantee for life


Spiralink™ couplers are warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanship and are guaranteed against breakage when properly installed in equipment for which they are recommended.

COMPARE Spiralink™ to Old Style OEM Circulator Coupling

SPIRALINKTMOld Style OEM Circulator Couplings
WEARZero wearing surfaces16 wearing points
NOISEOperates silentlyNoisy, rattles
ALIGNMENTTolerates misaligned shafts in 3 dimensionsMisalignment wears out couplings
INSTALLATIONEasy to installDifficult to install
INVENTORYOnly 4 models to carryOver 15 OEM parts to stock


I maintain an older boiler unit with a number of pumps for our church. These are older B & G units which were installed back in the mid 1960’s. We had constant problems with the old “fly-away” couplers. I found the Spiralink™ couplers doing some online research a few years ago. Currently, we’re running 4 of these, have been for a number of years, and have yet to have one fail. Not to mention, they run quieter.

Spare Time Maintenance Man Ohio 02/16/2018

I’m a licensed heating contractor that services a lot of boilers. When a customer needs a coupler, this is the only type I use now. The design allows for a slight misalignment of the motor and pump, which is common on older pumps, and also the most common cause of coupler failure. These do not correct the misalignment, but they flex more, without breaking like the originals. New motor mount rubbers is recommended to correct the misalignment. But, these couplers will definitely hold up until new mounts can be located. It’s just a more durable design. Their lifetime warranty indicates a quality product as well.

The Heater Guy Montana 03/10/19

Frequently Asked Questions

OEM couplings are linked together by 4 small springs. They have 16 wearing surfaces where metal rubs against metal, causing friction with each revolution of the motor. Pump motors run at 1750rpm. Some pumps do 2.5 million revolutions each day!

In addition, motors often become misaligned because of sagging motor mounts and other factors. Misalignment increase friction and noise, causing the OEM coupling to wear out in a very short time. When they break, they create a “no heat” situation and often damage other components in the system which can be expensive to repair.

The most likely cause of failure to the Spiralink™ coupling is incorrect wiring of the motor, causing it to run backwards. This would cause the spring on the Spiralink™ to unwind. Seeing this ‘unwound’ coupling should alert you to a problem with the wiring. Check the rotation of the motor and change the polarity of the motor leads accordingly.

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